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This server hosts a number of open source projects devoted to smart cards. Each project has its own infrastructure with wiki webpages, source code in a subversion repository, a web front end to the source repository, a ticket system for reporting bugs and feature requests and so on. Still all projects use the same mailing lists together so you have one central contact if you need any help.

The projects
With OpenSC you can use many smart cards on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. OpenSC supports many national signature cards as well as blank smart cards. With an PKCS#11 interface many applications can use opensc right out of the box.

Windows Installer SCB

Smart Card Bundle – SCB is our binary installer package for Windows. It contains OpenSC, OpenSSL, Putty, Engine_pkcs11, and additional components needed to use smart cards under windows.

Apple Mac OS X Installer SCA

Smart Card software for Apple Mac OS X – SCA is our binary installer package for Mac OS X. It contains OpenSC and an Token Daemon for use with native Mac OS X applications. It also comes with a version of OpenSSH with smart card support.

OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine

With this “engine” plugged into OpenSSL applications can make use of smart cards with no changes or only little changes needed.

GTK Card
A simple GUI
application for using smart cards.
A simple library for using PKCS#11 modules in end-user applications.

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