Contacting OpenSC

While each project has its own web site, subversion repository and bug tracking system, all projects share a common communication infrastructure.

As a user of our software, please direct all your questions to the opensc-user mailing list (see below). The mailing list is also available as news group and web based system, both offered by Also there is a moderated opensc-announce list, which only has announcement emails about new software releases or important events related to our projects.

Development of all projects is discussed on the opensc-devel mailing list. If you are not sure where to post your question, choose either list. It is never necessary to post to several lists. If you want to follow development, you can also subscribe to the read-only opensc-commits mailing list. Each change to the source repository is send to that list as diff, as is each new bug reported via the bug trackers.

Bugs are best reported using the ticket system of each project. Please include your email address in your bug report, so we can ask you for more details if needed. You can also send bug reports to the email address if you prefer.
List address
Spam protection

Subscribers of the mailing lists can post directly to them. All other emails will be halted and manualy reviewed. This helps us in preventing spam getting to the mailing list.

In addition to that our server uses an anti spam system called greylisting. This adds a small deleay to each incoming message, and requires your smtp server to resend messages after they have been refused in the first try. If for some reason your mail is not posted to the mailing lists, please contact with details such as email From, To, Subject and the name and ip address of your mail server.